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Understanding the rational Leaver

Nowadays, it is almost a cliché to say that the country has never been more divided. Both sides of the Brexit debate seem passionate about their view, and tend to dismiss the other side as just playing games, more interested in the win than in any negative outcomes which that victory might produce. For over a year, I have been struggling to fathom what fuels the drive towards Brexit. There are probably as many variations of reasons as there are leave voters, but some at least can be grouped together as similar. And finally I’m starting to understand one of these Leaver groups.


The role and duties of Westminster MPs

A lot of people seem to have strange ideas about how our parliamentary democracy works, and in particular what MPs are supposed to be in Parliament to do. Particularly when it comes to referendums.

Could Boris save us from Brexit?

Boris Johnson is a survivor. Is it possible that he will see his best chance of survival as switching support to the Remain option? I think he might do that…

David Cameron’s worst mistake

Cameron’s resignation on 24th June and the speech which accompanied it was an unforgivable failure of leadership; a statesmanlike Prime Minister would have said something very different…

Launch of Liberal-Democrat group to study UBI

Tomorrow (15th October) we're off to Peterborough to the Liberal Democrat Eastern Region conference. We've been allocated a poster space to promote the Universal Basic Income, and we're launching a group to develop firm proposals for a British implementation. I... Continue Reading →

Who are you, and what have you done with my country?

Austerity has removed the "performance approval" which allowed internationalists to flourish. Make people feel good again, and the pressure for Brexit will evaporate like morning mist on a summer’s day.

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